Hello, and thank you for stopping by. I started writing The Captain’s Blog on the Santa Rosa Police Department’s Facebook page as a way to better engage with our residents and anyone interested in law enforcement.  This site is an expansion of that effort, and I welcome you to read the information offered here and provide feedback.  Please read the “rules” on the next page for this site’s terms of use.

I was lucky enough to begin working as a Santa Rosa Police Officer over 23 years ago.  Over the years I have served as a police officer working in numerous uniformed and detective assignments, as a use of force instructor, and as a member of the Department’s SWAT Team.  I promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2003 and supervised patrol teams, the gang crimes team, and the SWAT Team.  I became a Lieutenant in 2009 and prompted to the rank of Captain in 2012.

I enjoy sharing what I can about the Santa Rosa Police Department and the law enforcement profession.  I hope you find the posts on this site to be informative and entertaining.  Thanks for reading.

Craig Schwartz

Santa Rosa Police Department Website

Santa Rosa Police Facebook Page

Swearing-in Photo cropped and resized


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